A practice of mindfulness, that helps in increasing our focus, induces deep calm and peace, making us vibrate  higher.


Guru holds a very revered place in one’s spiritual journey as he acts as a mentor and guides on this path of Self Realisation. Guru Yoga is a unique yogic practice that makes one realize and experience the sacred presence of Guru in every moment of your life.

अस्तित्व के गुरु तत्वसे स्वयंको जोड़नेकी अद्भुत विधि जिससे आप गुरुके प्रत्यक्ष और परोक्ष रूपकी सदेव अनुभूति कर सकते है।


Each speck of this cosmos resonates on a certain wavelength of the Universe’s vibration known as ‘Anaahat’. Antarnaad is a unique technique of experiencing the vibration within and immersing into its pristine silence.

छंदमय है ये अस्तित्व और नाद है एक अनाहातका हम सब मे। उसको स्वयं मे अनुभव करने और उसके मौन मे डूबनेकी अद्भुत विधि।


When the prayer becomes an intrinsic part of your existence and each pore of your existence resonates in reverence of the Universe’s grace, making your whole being a Satsang, this marvelous state is called Bhakti Dhyan.

प्रार्थना जब रोम रोम से झलकने लगे और उसके आनंदमे डूबते हुए झूमते हुए जो सत्संग बने ऐसी विधि है भक्ति ध्यान।


Each moment of life is an ode to the ‘Almighty’. The abundance we receive from Universe is offered back to it in an act of unconditional Surrender. Being in gratitude every moment is an act of Self-annihilation of the ego and of merging back into the source.

जीवन हर क्षण अहोभावसे भरा है । जो मिला, जो पाया, उसका उसके चरणोंमे समर्पण। खुदकों मिटाते हुए, फिर उसकोही पालेनेकी सरलतम विधि।


5 Days

Five Elements MeditationA meditation involving all the Major Five Elements of the Universe- Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space for a deep spiritual experience.

Five Senses MeditationA meditation that involves engaging all five of your senses while you connect with your mind, body, and soul.

Five Kosha MeditationA deep meditation involves transcending through the five bodies or sheaths called Panchkoshas to reach the core called ‘Atman’ to experience your true self.

Chakra MeditationOne of the most ancient Meditation Practices which helps in healing and balancing the Chakras. It is highly beneficial to people seeking peace and calmness.

SilenceThey say the ‘Silence’ has the most profound language. Practicing silence put one in a state of deep joyous state.


3 Days

Breathing Techniques: Breath is the signature of our soul. Various breathing techniques for a deeper spiritual experience.

Awareness Meditation: Awareness and Mindfulness are the main motives of the spiritual journey. Learn to be in awareness through Meditation.

Sound and Mantra: The Vibrations of the Sound Bowls and Mantras have a deep therapeutic effect on our mind, body, and spirit. Experience the sublime experience of Sound and Mantra Meditation and Healing.


Crystal Vibes
The crystals have a unique effect on consciousness. Meditating with Crystals can deepen your experience, provide a focus object, and raise your awareness.
Mudra Energy
Mudras channelize the flow of energy through the body linking individual pranic force with universal cosmic force. They help in deepening the awareness and increase the benefit of the yogic practices.
Tarrot Magic
Tarot cards carry the messages of the Universe for you. They act as a guide and friend on your spiritual path, taking your journey to a level that unravels many mysteries of the cosmos to you.
Mandala Healing
A symbol for the universe, Mandala gives us a sense of belonging and makes us seek a connection within. It gives one insight and self-expression in a circular design, reflecting that the wholeness of the person creating it resonates with the wholeness of the Universe.
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